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About Mobliran


Mobliran is one of the most popular brands in the field of furniture, which has a history of several years in the production and sale of all kinds of sofas, dining sets, bedroom sets, etc. In the following, we will learn more about Mobliran. A brand that has kept this brand high and continues to operate by employing human resources specialized in design and production and using the best production materials. The reason for our good reputation today can be seen as our customer orientation and providing high-quality products, which is the difference between us and our competitors. Stay with us to learn more about Mobliran


درباره شرکت مبلیران

Mobliran Branches

First of all, let’s introduce the branches so that you can know our branches in different places of Tehran and Karaj and not be confused with other names of Mobliran that share our name. So that you can get the sofa with the main brand of Mobliran. With the grace of God and the round-the-clock efforts of the management, Mobliran has been able to open 5 branches with a central branch for its activities. Surely, many people know Mobliran’s Azadi branch, where the Mobliran brand started its activity and was transferred to Mirdamad as the main branch became bigger. Also, in all branches, you can easily choose the sofa you want and place an order.



  • Central Branch: Madar Square – Mir Damad – Tehran
  • Branch 1: Sattari highway – Tehran
  • Branch 2: Yaftabad – Tehran

About lifetime services in Mobliran

In the universe, many of the tools that are used by humanity will end one day. Maybe not some, but immortality for someone or something has not been proven yet, it became a bit philosophical. We said this so that you know that the offered goods have a lifetime and after a period of time they are depreciated or damaged and need to be repaired. The sofa is one of the same types of furniture.

Product warranty and after-sales service

Mobliran considers itself obliged to accompany its customers even after the purchase and to provide free product warranty and after-sales service for up to two years. After two years, lifelong services can be performed including the cost. Mobliran also takes responsibility for product repairs when the sofa needs minor repairs based on the commitments given at the time of purchase, which we will discuss further..

In fact, Mobliran’s lifelong commitment to customers is such that if you encounter a problem even after many years of purchasing your sofa, you can easily send your product to Mobliran for repair and service including the cost. give a reference This is the distinction that Mobliran has with its other competitors due to its responsibility and conscientiousness towards its customers. And this is the golden key to stay ahead in the competitive market.

Guarantee of Mobliran Fabrics

Mobliran’s furniture fabrics also include this guarantee. If there is a problem during the warranty period that is not caused by the buyer, they will be replaced for free. and use the same quality fabrics for the sofa purchased by the customer for repair. It is for this reason that Mobliran’s customers usually buy the high-quality products of this brand more easily.

About the strength and quality of furniture

One of the other things that we should mention is the high strength of the furniture and all furniture products due to the use of first-class wood in the body and inside of the products. You can also check the contents of the mattresses easily by unzipping them. Then make the right choice with confidence.

These factors may cause the prices of Mobliran products to be a little higher compared to competitors in the market. The reason is the use of quality raw materials. It is natural that high-quality products have a higher price than similar products.

Mobliran brand has put the provision of quality products at the top of its goals and always tries to provide the highest quality to its customers and regular companions regardless of the price.


Order to make a sofa in Mobliran

Mobliran brand, in addition to producing all kinds of furniture in wide designs and models, has also provided custom furniture production for its customers. To create your dream furniture and desired decoration and fully satisfy the needs of our customers.

To make a custom sofa in Mobliran collection, it is enough to provide a clear picture of your favorite furniture design to Mobliran’s experts so that after checking and approval, they can start the production process.

Production and manufacturing of existing furniture in Mobliran is done in a period of about one to one and a half months. Production of customized products will also take two and a half to three months.

Learn more about home decoration and renovation consulting in Mobliran

Many people need advice in designing the interior decoration of their home to know which sofa, accessories, etc. are suitable for their space. Therefore, they are looking for designers and experts in the field of interior decoration.

Another service of Mobliran company is the provision of interior decoration design by the best experts and interior designers who can help you choose the best items with the necessary guidance when buying furniture, bedroom sets, dining sets, etc. Or even in general you would like to leave the project from zero to one hundred to the designers, Mobliran offers these services according to your taste.

Mobliran, in addition to producing furniture products and wood services, also offers a variety of accessories for sale, including lampshades, candlestick clocks, etc. which you can use in your decoration.

In addition to the mentioned items, zero to one hundred production designs are also carried out by checking and confirming the customer’s order with the desired design and color.

You can also buy some of the products you want through Mobliran’s online store.

There are times when you need to renovate your space, masonry, plastering, parquet work, etc., which requires consulting and renovation services. A company for renovation and decoration services at the same time to make the work easier.

So get in touch with the consultants of Mobliran company right now.